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Wisconsin Immunization Registry .. [Portal Main Page]

Welcome! This site offers the ability to view immunization records.   You must provide a social security number or Medicaid ID to access the record.   Click on the link below to begin searching for an immunization

Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Look up your own or your child's immunization record in the WIR.

Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR): Health Care Providers and Local Health Departments | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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Public Immunization Record Access - English

If the system finds one matching record for the data you entered, a check will be done to determine if the client has a FERPA Release on file.  If not, the system will display the FERPA Release notification screen, then the system shows the

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IIS | Contacts for Immunization Records | CDC

Find Your Child's Immunization Record Through Your State's IIS (Immunization Information System)

CAIR .. [Portal Main Page]

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