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ECS to support GATES upgrade project for USTRANSCOM and AMC
ECS has been selected to develop the Global Air Transportation Execution System (GATES) for the US Air Force’s Air Mobility Command.

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GATES Milestones V3.00 Implementation – Mar-Apr ‘07 Final phase of aerial port functionality on the Web V3.01 Implementation – Nov ’07 Turnover for Final System Test – Jun ‘07 First phase of water por

Army Logistician Alog News
The Department of Defense is merging existing Army and Air Force systems to create a single port and terminal processing and management system. Under the U.S. Transportation Command’s Port Management Automation project, the Worldwide Port System

Centric Academy provides DSC with tools for Army Readiness | Article | The United States Army
Army Reserve Soldiers from the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's Deployment Support Command (DSC) recently travelled from home bases throughout the country to attend a five-day Ce

I-1. AALPS System Description: AALPS allows military air load planners to quickly and efficiently estimate airlift requirements, plan force packages, and modify aircraft loads. AALPS rapidly provides estimates of airlift requirements for a